Tarma Nais Hodel, the true story that inspired I Am The Night

Tarma Hodel is a character from the American suspense drama titled I Am The Night. The drama contains six episodes written and created by Sam Sheridan. It exposes Hollywood’s notorious crimes about the Black Dahlia murder.

I Am The Night series was based on the true life event of Fauna Hodel, a teenage girl who was given away at birth. The tale narrates Fauna’s ordeals while trying to find her birth family. However, we can not discuss Fauna Hodel’s encounters without mentioning Tarma Hodel – the story begins with her! So keep reading to find out more!

Who was Tarma Hodel?

Tarma Hodel was a character portrayed by actress Jamie Anne Allman in the drama series “I Am The Night”. Tarma had a daughter named Fauna Hodel in 1951, at the age of 16 but gave her up for adoption. Another way to portray Tarma would be as the elusive and mysterious child of Dr George Hodel, the man eventually suspected as the murderer of Black Dahlia.

Sometime in the story, Tamar claimed her father, George Hodel, had molested her two years before Fauna was even born. George was detained and sent to court for the claims, but Tamar got no justice.

Tarma’s account of the events claimed that her father developed an incestuous connection towards her. She added that George subjected her to multiple rapes, which led to the birth of Fauna. These allegations, meanwhile, were rejected in court.

Regarding the case, Tarma’s stepmother, Corinna, portrayed her as a pathological liar. Similarly, the proof Tamar gave to journalist Jay Singletary raised questions about her claims.

Tarma Nais Hodel’s Disappearance

Tamar became a free soul after being released from her father’s control. She relocated to Hawaii to live free of the strict social restrictions placed on women, particularly those from affluent households.

Tamar Nais Hodel flees from the mental hospital, where she was detained after falling pregnant. She gives her infant daughter to Jimmy Lee, a speakeasy singer, with the assistance of her stepmother. The black singer is reassured by Corinna that she would have little issue raising the child. Corinna referred to the fact that Fauna’s illegitimate¬†father is a black man rather than George Hodel.

After giving up her daughter for adoption, Tamar flees the scene to put the past behind her. Since then, she maintained as much separation from her biological family.

How Did Tamar’s Story End?

According to a report, Tamar finally emigrated to Hawaii with Debbie, where she gave birth to three other kids. She also changed her name to Fauna-Elizabeth.

In 1965 while Tarma Nais Hodel is residing in Hawaii, a reporter named Jay Singletary finds her and introduces her to her long-lost daughter, Fauna Hodel. Tamar displays images of the victims of her father’s crimes after telling Fauna the truth about her ancestry. George Hodel is accountable for numerous murders in addition to that of Elizabeth Short, a.k.a. The Black Dahlia.