Stacy Tremayne Chism Personal Life, Career, and More

Stacy Tremayne Chism is the mother of Philip Chism. Philip was born on 21 January 1999 in Clarksville, Tennesse, United States. He was accused of killing Colleen Ritzer and robbing her in a vehicle while armed. He is currently serving his 40-year prison sentence. Let’s find out more about his tragic story in this article.

Who is Philip Chism?

Chism had relocated from Tennessee to Danvers, Massachusetts, in 2013, where he wasn’t particularly well known at the school other than being an excellent soccer player. It was also claimed that at the time of the incident, his mother was going through a challenging divorce.

Early Life and Education of Philip

Due to his parents’ ongoing arguments and separation, as well as his father’s continual absence from the family, Philip had a difficult childhood. His family returned to Tennessee from Florida when he was fourteen, and he enrolled in Denver High School. He also joined the school’s soccer squad and was highly sociable, according to his classmates. Over time, though, he became more reclusive and stopped even acknowledging victories at soccer practice.

The Day He Committed the Crime

The newly installed security camera system at Danvers High School saw 14-year-old Chism entering the school with multiple bags on the morning of October 22, 2013, and placing them in his locker. He had a box cutter, mask, gloves, and a change of clothes in his baggage.

How did Philip Raped Colleen?

Chism was observed leaving the classroom, hiding in the hallway, and then reappearing in a hoodie. As he entered the same restroom Ritzer was in, he put on gloves. Ritzer was then raped and stabbed 16 times in the neck with the box cutter by Chism after he had stolen her credit cards, iPhone, and undergarments. A female student once went into the restroom, but when she caught a glimpse of someone who was only partially dressed and saw a pile of clothes on the floor, she immediately left, thinking they were getting changed.

Why Did Chism Kill Her Teacher?

Although his lawyer admitted during the trial that he killed Ritzer, he argued that he was not criminally accountable for his actions because of his serious mental illness. Chism was experiencing psychotic symptoms and hearing voices, according to a psychiatrist who testified on behalf of the defense, when he killed Ritzer.

Who was Colleen Ritzer?

In her opening statement, Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall told the jury that Ritzer was a respected teacher at Danvers High School, which is located about 25 miles north of Boston and where she was following her passion for teaching mathematics.

Who is Diana Amanda Chism and Her Relationship with Philip

Diana is the mother of Philip. She was born on December 25, 1978, in Brazil. In September 1998, Diana Amanda Chism married Stacy Tremayne Chism. Unfortunately, her husband’s illicit affairs caused their marriage to be in perpetual disarray. Diana requested a divorce in March 2001, but it was denied. In 2011 and 2013, she again requested legal separation. A WCVB Boston article claims that the couple finally got divorced in 2014.

Summing Up

When she learned about her son’s crime, Diana Chism expressed her astonishment and sadness; tragically, she had to go through it. It is unknown where she and her two girls are living right now. Stay connected to know more.