Shawntia Hardaway, Personal Life and Net Worth

Shawntia Hardaway was a celebrity mother, who left the world a few years back. Even after her death, she is best known for being the mother of American musician Mario. Shawntia Hardaway was a huge drug addict and this was a major reason for her death.

Today, let us unfold all the details about Shawntia Hardaway like her personal life, education, profession, parents, siblings, married life, children, and all other such details that have never surfaced on the internet.

Personal life

 You will hardly find any information about the early life of Shawntia Hardaway because she herself was not a celebrity. This is the reason that nothing about her early life like the names of her parents, her exact date of birth, and her birthplace is known to the public.

If you talk about the love life of Shawntia Hardaway, the name of her husband was Derryl Barrett Sr, who was also a musician by profession, though not a very popular one. Besides this, no information is available on the personal life of Shawntia Hardaway but we do believe that she did not have a successful married life because she raised her children as a single mother.

If we talk about her death, Shawntia Hardaway is said to have died in 2017.

Parents and siblings

This does not come as a surprise that not at all any information is available about the parents and siblings of Shawntia Hardaways and the reason for that is the mystery that Shawntia Hardaway has maintained regarding her family background.


Shawntia Hardaway probably had only one child through her married life and he is no other than her famous musician son, Mario, who has already achieved success as a singer.

Education and profession

With the fact that no details are available on the personal life of Shawntia Hardaway, it is not known how much education she could gain in her life. Not just that but nothing is known about her professional career as well.

Reason for the popularity of Shawntia Hardaway

It is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Shawntia Hardaway is her son, Mario, who is today a shining star in the American music industry. Shawntia Hardaway was a huge drug addict and her son has openly talked about that several times. This is also the reason that put Shawntia Hardaway in the news headlines often.

Net worth of Shawntia Hardaway

With the fact that no details are available on the profession of Shawntia Hardaway, saying anything about her net worth is not possible. With the fact that she was a single mother, it can be estimated that she must have had a profession and she was earning money. If you are curious to know about the earnings of her famous musician son, Mario, he is estimated to have a net worth of around 18 million right now.


No matter how Shawntia Hardaway herself was, she did her job as a mother really well. When her son told her that he wants to become a musician, she provided him with everything that he required.