Sharon Greene Wehagen Career, Profession, & More

Sharon Greene Wehagen, the 66-year-old daughter of infamous Irish American mafia figure Daniel John Patrick Greene, otherwise known as “Danny Greene,” has lived a life defined by the criminal underworld and her father’s legacy. Despite the difficulties she has encountered, Sharon G. Wehagen has managed to carve out a successful career and a fulfilling personal life while dealing with the complicated legacy of her family name.

Personal Life Of Sharon Wehagen née Greene

Sharon Greene, one of the two children of Daniel John Patrick Greene and his first wife June Greene née Tears, was born on July 30, 1956, in Cleveland, Ohio. Sharon’s father was an infamous figure in Cleveland’s underworld, known for his involvement in organized crime and his friendship with Irish American gangster Frank Brancato.

As a child, Sharon was shielded from her father’s criminal activities, but she soon became aware of his reputation as she grew older. She struggled with the stigma and shame that came with being the daughter of a known criminal, but she refused to let her family name define her.

Sharon Greene Wehagen’s Education & Career

Sharon Greene Wehagen attended Cleveland State University after graduating from high school, where she earned a nursing degree. Sharon Greene worked as a registered nurse for over 30 years, holding positions such as staff nurse, nurse manager, and clinical educator. From 2014 to 2017, Sharon Wehagen was president of the Ohio Nurses Association, where she used her platform to advocate for nursing education and healthcare reform.

Despite her professional success, Sharon Greene Wehagen struggled with the complicated legacy of her family name. Her father’s ties to organized crime, as well as his violent death in a car bombing in 1978, cast a long shadow over Sharon’s life, and she struggled to reconcile her love for her father with her knowledge of his criminal activities.

Other Works Of Sharon Greene Wehagen

Sharon’s memoir, “Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland,” was published in 2006, and it detailed her experiences growing up as the daughter of a notorious mobster. The book was a critical and commercial success, with praise for its candid depiction of Sharon’s complicated relationship with her father and her struggles with her family’s criminal legacy.

Sharon has continued to speak out about her experiences and the challenges she has faced in the years since the book’s publication. She has been a vocal advocate for crime victims and criminal justice reform, using her platform to highlight the human cost of organized crime and the need for more support for families affected by it.

Movie On Sharon’s Dad, Danny Greene’s Life

A biographical movie was made on the life of Sharon Greene Wehagen’s deceased father called “Kill the Irishman” in 2011. British Irish actor Ray Stevenson portrayed the character of Sharon’s father, Danny Greene who was a member of the Irish syndicate in 1970’s Cleveland.


Finally, Sharon Greene Wehagen’s life has been defined by the complicated legacy of her family name, as well as the difficulties of growing up as the daughter of a notorious mobster. Despite these obstacles, Sharon has built a successful career, a fulfilling personal life, and a powerful voice as an advocate for crime victims and criminal justice reform. Sharon Greene’s story exemplifies the human spirit’s resilience and the power of individual choice in the face of adversity.