Shannon Christopher Brown, Personal Life, and Net Worth

Formerly, Shannon Brown played in the NBA. Brown played basketball for his collegiate team before joining the NBA. Throughout his career, Brown was among the most physically fit players. A responsible shooting guard would contribute to the game and help the team win.

Brown played a significant part in his college and NBA team, and his colleagues always admired his incredible vertical leap during competitions. His regular sky-high jumps always saved the day on the field during games.

The NBA player is not just a shooting guard when it comes to the field. At home, she is a father. Shannon Christopher Brown is his son. He is a family man with a wife and two kids.

Let’s dig into Shannon Christopher Brown’s life to learn more about his family.

Personal Life

Shannon and Monica are the parents of Shannon Christopher Brown.  Monica is his stepmother. However, they have not revealed any personal information about their son. The family is quite strict about the information they reveal to the public.

In addition, Christopher is a son that Shannon Brown had from his previous relationship. Details About the mother of Christopher are yet to be discovered. Thus, while we know that Shannon Christopher Brown is the NBA player’s son, his date of birth remains unknown.


Shannon Christopher Brown comes from a blended family. He is the first son of the NBA player, Shannon Brown. He is married to Monica, who also has two kids from a previous marriage. Their names are Rocko Montez and Romelo Montez.

Brown met Monica in 2010. He appeared in one of Monica’s songs, Love All Over Me. The two fell in love and tied the knot in November 2010.

Brown and Monica have one kid together. Her name is Laiyah Brown. Thus, Shannon Christopher Brown’s family is blended.

Parent’s Career

Brown was drafted in the 2006 25th NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He played 23 games in his debut season. Later Brown Joined the NBA Developments League with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in 2008.

From 2008, Shannon Brown played for Chicago Bulls as a member of a 3-team deal made by the Bulls, Cavaliers, and Sonics. Within the same year, the NBA player was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. He also played for the Phoenix Suns among other teams.

Shannon Christopher Brown’s Education

As mentioned earlier, Christopher’s parents keep his private life away from the media. Thus, there is no information about his educational background. Based on Christopher’s appearance, he might be approaching his teen years. Thus, he does not have a career just yet. It is impossible to deduce what his net worth would be either.

Net Worth

Shannon Christopher Brown comes from the family of a professional NBA player. Shannon Brown has been in the field for many years. Therefore, he has amassed a substantial amount of wealth. His net worth is approximately eight million dollars.

Bottling Up

Shannon Christopher Brown comes from a big blended family. His family maintains a private life behind the cameras, probably for his protection. We hope he grows to become a legend like his dad.