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The Prominent Legacy of Riley Wagner-Lewis and Family

Riley Wagner-Lewis’ Childhood

Riley Wagner-Lewis, born in 2006, is a young 15-year-old with an impressive family lineage. As the child of Katie Wagner and Leif Lewis, Riley’s family history spans across multiple generations of notable individuals in the entertainment industry.


Katie Wagner, born on May 11, 1964, in Los Angeles, California, is a renowned television personality. She has made a name for herself with appearances on shows like “The Starlet,” “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” and “Live From the House of Blues.” Katie’s father, Robert Wagner, is an acclaimed actor with a career that spans over six decades. Born on February 10, 1930, in Detroit, Michigan, Robert Wagner is best known for his roles in movies and television series such as “It Takes a Thief,” “Switch,” and “Hart to Hart.”

Leif Lewis, Katie Wagner’s spouse since 2007, is known for his work in the film “Bullseye!” Together, Katie and Leif are the proud parents of Riley Wagner-Lewis.


Riley Wagner-Lewis does not have any siblings. However, Riley has several half-siblings and step-siblings from their parents’ previous relationships.


As of now, Riley Wagner-Lewis does not have any children.


Courtney Brooke Wagner, born on March 9, 1974, in the United States, is Riley Wagner-Lewis’ aunt. She is the daughter of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner. Courtney’s grandparents include Maria Zakharenko, Nicholas Zakharenko, Robert John Wagner Sr., and Hazel Alvera Wagner. She has two siblings: Natasha Gregson Wagner and Katie Wagner.


Riley’s grandparents from the mother’s side are Robert Wagner and Marion Marshall. Marion Marshall was born on June 8, 1929, in Los Angeles, California, and passed away on September 24, 2018. She was an actress and was married to Robert Wagner from 1963 to 1971. Marion had three children: Katie Wagner, Joshua Donen, and Peter Donen.


Riley’s great-grandparents from the mother’s side include Robert John Wagner Sr. and Hazel Alvera Wagner. They are the parents of Robert Wagner and Mary Wagner and have two great-grandchildren: Riley Wagner-Lewis and Riley John Wagner-Lewis.

Riley Wagner-Lewis’ Career And Achievements

Riley Wagner-Lewis is still young and has not yet embarked on a career path. However, given their family’s extensive background in the entertainment industry, it would not be surprising if Riley chooses to follow in their footsteps.

More About Riley Wagner-Lewis

Despite being a part of a prominent family, not much is known about Riley Wagner-Lewis’ personal life. As Riley is still a teenager, their interests and passions may continue to develop and evolve over time. One thing is certain: Riley Wagner-Lewis has a rich family history to draw inspiration from and a bright future ahead.

In conclusion, Riley Wagner-Lewis is a young individual with a remarkable family background, full of accomplished actors and television personalities. As Riley grows older, it will be interesting to see how they navigate their unique legacy and what path they choose to take in life.