Richard Halsey Best II, Personal Life and Net Worth

Richard Halsey Best II

Richard Halsey Best Jr. is the son of Richard Halsey Best and Doris Avis Albro. The birth date of Richard is not known, but he has a sister named Barbara Ann Llewellyn. He lives a quiet life and not much can be found about him on the internet.

His Father, Richard Halsey Best

Richard H. Best was born in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1929. He was inspired to become a pilot by listening to the exploits of air veterans of World War I and went on to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1932. After graduating, he went on to serve on the light cruiser Richmond before beginning flight training in 1934. He then went on to teach instrument flying and evaluate torpedo bomber tactics in Pensacola, Florida. In June 1940, Best returned to the fleet and requested to be assigned to dive bombers. He was assigned to the aircraft carrier Enterprise in the Pacific shortly before the fateful Battle of Midway in June 1942.

The Battle of Midway was a devastating turning point in the war in the Pacific. Richard H. Best was among those who fought in the battle and played a pivotal role in the victory. Best was assigned to the Enterprise, one of three American carriers at the battle, and took part in a morning mission aiming to take out three Japanese carriers. Despite incredibly heavy losses, the mission was successful and the American forces managed to sink two of the Japanese carriers.

In the afternoon, Best and his remaining squadron members joined another Enterprise bomber squadron for a mission against the one carrier that was still standing. While the Japanese fighters had been distracted earlier, this time they were aloft and put up heavy resistance. Best and his squadron managed to take out the remaining carrier, Hiryu, but Best was unable to escape without injury. His plane had been filled with caustic soda generated by a faulty oxygen canister, which caused him to develop tuberculosis. Best was transferred to the hospital in Pearl Harbor and began treatment, effectively ending his military career.

Lieutenant Commander Richard Halsey Best was decorated with the prestigious Navy Cross for his heroic actions in the Air Battle of Midway. Unbothered by enemy fire and fighter opposition, Best fearlessly led his squadron in dive-bombing assaults against Japanese naval units. His brave determination, courage, and unwavering loyalty to defending his country’s forces saw him make daring and dangerous attacks, flying beyond the distances that would allow him to make it back to his own forces. Best’s courage and dedication to service were exemplary and honor the distinguished maritime traditions of the United States.

After an honorable tour of service in the Navy, Best decided to take up residence in Santa Monica, California, where he spent the remainder of his life. Upon leaving the hospital, Best joined the Douglas Aircraft Corporation’s small research unit, which eventually merged into the illustrious Rand Corporation in December 1948. As the head of the security department, Best remained with the company until his retirement in March 1975.

On 28 October 2001, Richard Halsey Best passed away at 91 years old and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 54.