Recalling Memorable Life of Michele Cathy Smith

Michele Cathy Smith was a prominent figure in Hollywood in the 1980s and 1990s, as a publicist and an actress who played small side roles. Michele Smith further rose to fame as the ex-spouse of actor Lorenzo Lamas. To find out more information on Michele Cathy Smith, keep on reading the article.

Personal Life & Career of Michele Cathy Smith

Michele Cathy Smith was born in California on October 2, 1954, and began her career as a publicist, representing several high-profile clients in the entertainment industry. Smith later became an actress, appearing in several television shows and films, including the 1995 film “Virtuosity” where she played the role of a screaming woman.

Michele Cathy Smith debuted her acting career as a stunt double in “Thieves of Fortune,” a 1990 action comedy. Later, Smith also starred as a porn star in the 1997 movie “Leaving Scars.” Michele Cathy Smith’s last appearance in front of the green screen was as the character of Linda in the 2008 short movie “Nobody Listens.”

Michele Cathy Smith’s Family Life

But Michele C. Smith is best known for her marriage to Lorenzo Lamas, a well-known actor in his own right and the son of legendary film and television star Fernando Lamas. Smith met Lamas in the 1980s and quickly fell in love. The celebrity couple got hitched on May 22, 1983, and had two children together during their marriage, Shayne and A. J. Lamas.

Sadly, Michele and Lorenzo’s marriage was not to last long and after two years they split in 1985. Smith later read her vows to her second ex-husband Craig Pike and the two shared a daughter Dakota Pike. All three children of Michele Cathy Smith are successful actors.

Other Facts About Michele Cathy Smith

Despite her personal ups and downs, Michele remained a popular figure in Hollywood, known for her wit, charm, and impeccable sense of style. Smith was a regular on the red carpet, and her name appeared in gossip columns and entertainment magazines.

Michele Cathy Smith passed away at the age of 60 on January 20, 2018, the eve of her first husband’s, Lorenzo Lamas, 60th birthday celebration. The cause of Michele’s death was not immediately known, but it was later revealed that she had suffered a heart attack.

Many in the entertainment industry were shocked by Michele Cathy Smith’s death, remembering her as a warm, kind-hearted person who always had a smile on her face. Michele C. Smith’s children, who had grown into successful actors and actresses in their own right, were devastated by their mother’s death.

Michele Cathy Smith’s Children

Despite her death, Michele Cathy Smith’s legacy lives on through her children, who continue to work in the entertainment industry and make their own contributions to the world. A.J. Lamas’s credits include “As the World Turns” and “American Family.” Meanwhile, Shayne Lamas has appeared on several reality TV shows, including “The Bachelor” and “Leave it to Lamas.” Dakota Pike has also appeared in movies such as “Conversations with God” and “Touched.”


Michele Cathy Smith’s memory has been honored by her family and friends throughout this ordeal, who remember her as a woman who lived life to the fullest and always put her loved ones first. Michele Smith was a true Hollywood icon whose legacy will inspire future generations.