Get to Know Senator Angus King’s Wife: Mary Herman King

Mary Herman King is the wife of United States senator Angus King. They married in 1984, two years after Angus King divorced his first wife, Edie Birney; Mary has four children, Molly, Duncan, James and Benjamin King.

Education and Career

Mary Herman King is an educated lady; after completing her college education, she started teaching in Washington, D.C. She also attended grad school in Boston. Mary then moved to business; she worked at a store before she founded her own company. Mary worked at The Maine Women’s Lobby as the chairperson.

She owns a public policy consulting firm called Mary J Herman Associates. Besides, Mary Herman joined the Abbe Museum’s Board of Trustees in 2016. As a senator’s wife, she has worked with the Maine community to ensure the well-being of youth, children and women.


Mary Herman King was in the spotlight when a writer named William Bigelow posted a piece on a website claiming that her husband had sent her to beg money for his campaign. William said it to mock Mary Herman on her appeal to donors to help them in their fundraiser.

William Bigelow also claimed that Mary Herman and Angus King were having an affair when the latter was still married to Edie Birney. Mary’s husband came to his wife’s rescue, saying those rumours were baseless and untrue. Many media outlets contacted Mary’s husband on the allegations, but through his spokesperson, he said they were attacking him for no apparent reason.

Her Husband

After completing his law degree, Mary’s husband started working in private practice; he worked with several politicians and was a familiar lawyer to most people on television. Besides law, Mary’s husband set up some companies, including Northeast Energy Management Inc, but he sold the company five years later.

Mary Herman’s husband joined politics in 1993 when he showed interest in Maine’s gubernatorial seat. Angus King did an early campaign and placed himself with other contestants; he vied as an independent candidate. Mary’s husband won the election by a small margin.

Mary’s husband served as the governor of Maine for two teams until 2003. He then returned to private practice and lecturing. After exiting the political arena for almost a decade, Angus King returned to politics in 2012, vying as the senator, a position he won against Charlie Summers and Cynthia Doll.

Mary’s Husband’s Health Issues

When Mary’s husband was 29, he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, which was managed and treated; fortunately, it was in its first stage. In an interview, Angus mentioned that he survived the disease since he had health insurance. Mary Herman’s husband also had prostate cancer and had to undergo surgery in 2015, which was a success.

Angus also contracted Covid-19 in August 2021 but recovered and is in perfect health.

Net Worth

Mary Herman King has involved herself in many things, so she has multiple sources of income, with her primary source being her consulting firm. However, her net worth is unknown; on the other hand, Mary’s husband has a net worth of approximately 10 million dollars.