The Story of Raul Julia’s First Wife: Magda Vasallo

Magda Vasallo is the ex-wife of the late Puerto-Rican actor Raul Julia. She married Raul in 1965, but they divorced after spending four years together. During their time together, they were not blessed with any child.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing Rau Julia, Magda Vasallo disappeared, and little about her life afterward is known. It is unclear if she remarried and had children of her own. On the other hand, Raul married Merel Poloway in 1976 and had two children.

Her Ex-Husband

Raul Julia admired and wanted to act someday; after completing his studies, he started acting to fulfill his ambitions. He started by participating in play, but then his parents were against the idea of him acting full-time and forfeiting his law degree. However, he went against his parent’s wishes and eventually turned out to be the best and among the most loved actors.

Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband made his Broadway debut in 1968 when he portrayed Chan in the play, The Cuban Thing. In the early 1970s, Raul gained more fame, and more acting roles started tickling in; he was part of the cast in Sesame Street and Love of Life.

After his breakthrough, Magda’s ex-husband was featured in several movies and television shows. His other projects include Down Came a Blackbird, American Playhouse, Death Scream, The Burning Season, Macbeth, Design for Living, The Tempest, Betrayal, Man of La Mancha, and Nine.

Regarding humanitarian work, Raul’s parents did charity work, and he thought it was right for him to continue with his family’s good deeds. Magda’s ex-husband continued engaging and helping those disadvantaged in the community. He often involved himself with the youth by supporting young actors and sponsoring scriptwriting programs.

Magda’s ex-husband also worked with filmmakers from his native country; he could take part in the productions for free or at a reduced cost. He was often recognized and even awarded for his humanitarian work; he received some awards, including The Global Citizen Award and the Courage of Conscience Award.

For Raul’s impact on helping humanity, an Award was named after him.

Her Ex-Husband’s Illnesses

Before his death, Magda’s ex-husband had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He had been battling the disease for three years before he died. Additionally, he suffered food poisoning in 1994 after eating sushi. Raul suffered more health misfortunes before his death. While attending an event in New York in October 1994, Magda’s ex-husband started experiencing abdominal pain and needed immediate medical attention.

After being admitted to North Shore University Hospital, his condition did not improve. A few days later, Raul suffered a stroke and was put on a life support machine. He was unconscious for four days until October 24, 1994, when he died from a stroke.

The Death and Burial of Raul Julia

After his death, Magda’s ex-husband was taken to Puerto Rico, where a state funeral was conducted. Many people, including politicians, attended his burial. Other memorial services were done outside Puerto Rico, including in Los Angeles and New York.