Lulu Gray Rosenberg’s Private Life and Net Worth

Lulu Gray Rosenberg is the beautiful baby girl who made Haylie Duff a mom for the second time. Haylie and her husband Matt Rosenberg were more than thrilled when their little girl was born.

Haylie Duff is a famous American actress and singer-songwriter. You may also recognize her as the older sister of the iconic American singer and actress Hillary Duff. If you have watched Sandy Jameson, 7th Heaven, Lizzie McGuire, or Napoleon Dynamite, then you may also know Haylie as one of the movie characters in the productions.

Haylie’s other successful roles were in Love Takes Long and Love Finds Home. Besides her successful career, Duff is an amazing mother of two beautiful kids, including, Lulu Gray Rosenberg. Keep reading to learn more things about Lulu and her family.

Personal Life

Lulu Gray Rosenberg was born on the 5th of June 2018. The little girl is almost five years old as of 2023. She is the second and youngest daughter of Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg.

When she was born, the overly delighted mother shared the good news on her Instagram account. In the post, Haylie said that her little girl brought all her magic with her.

She added that Ryan, Lulu’s sibling, was the happiest big sister. She also added a photo of Ryan adorably holding a newborn baby sister. The adorable then three-year-old Ryan was wearing a dazzling purple princess outfit, including a tiara and jewels. Their mom captioned the sweet photo “Meet our littlest one, Lulu Gray Rosenberg.’’


As mentioned above, Lulu Gray Rosenberg has a bigger sister. She is the youngest in a family of four. Her sister is called Ryan Eva Rosenberg. She was born in May 2015. Her parents are yet to reveal the specific date. Lulu and Eva are only three years apart.

Parents’ Career

The parents of Lulu Gray Rosenberg are Haylie Duff and Matt Rosenberg. Haylie is an actress, singer, and song writer. She is also a TV host and fashion designer. Haylie was born Haylie Katherine Duff on the 19th of February 1985.

Haylie grew up in Texas where she learned ballet at a young age. She played her first role in The Nutcracker Suite, a Houston metropolitan dance company production. She has been in The Amanda Show, True Women, Chicago Hope, Boston Public, and Third Watch among others.

Matt Rosenberg is a former writer for ThoughtCo. His field while writing for the company geography. His work has been featured on PBS and NPR, TV, radio, and in newspapers.

Education and Career

Lulu Gray Rosenberg is about to turn five years old. She is still a little girl. Based on her age, she has probably begun her journey in education. However, her parents are strict about what they reveal to the public about their daughter.

With a life behind the cameras, it is hard to know whether little Lulu has started school just yet. Besides, she does not have a career, being a child and all.

Bottling Up

Lulu Gray Rosenberg’s parents keep her private life a secret from the public. Thus, very little to nothing can be said about her life.