Details on Kory Allen Clemens’ Personal Life, Career, Family, and Arrests

Kory Allen Clemens, born on May 31, 1988, is known as the son of Roger Clemens, an American baseball pitcher, and his wife, Deborah Lynn Godfrey. He is the second one in a family of four children. The others are Kacy Austin, Koby Clemens, and Kody Clemens. Kody and Koby are both baseball players.

Personal Life

Kory Allen Clemens has been very secretive about his personal life. It is not clear if he is married or not or if he has any kids. He is very close with his family as he often shows up at events with them; you can view some family pictures on his parents’ social media accounts.

Career and Net Worth

Kory Allen Clemens took a different career path from his father and brothers, who have made baseball their source of earning a living. He is involved in social work for his community, given his family is often involved in the greater good of society. Kory is also a real estate agent working with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene.

Kory’s net worth is unknown, but his father, a former baseball pitcher, made a good fortune out of his career, and his net worth is estimated at 60 million dollars.

About Kory’s Father

Kory’s father studied at the Springs Wood High School, where he played football, basketball, and baseball. After joining college, that is, the University of Texas, he decided to focus on baseball and became the first player to have his college number retired. A college award was changed to his name thanks to his college achievements as a baseball pitcher.

Professionally, Roger Clemens is a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, having played in the American Major Baseball League for 24 seasons. He played for four teams, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros, and New York Yankees. Kory’s father received criticism during his baseball career from various players and fans because of the special treatment he received from the teams he played.

Former baseball player Jose Canseco claimed that Kory’s father used steroids, which is why most of his performances improved. Still, on the other hand, Clemens stated that he never used steroids and that no tests he had gone through had ever turned positive. Kory’s father also mentioned that his baseball success was a result of hard work, not through the use of illegal substances.

In 2008, there were claims that Kory Allen Clemens’ father was having a romantic relationship with Mindy McCready, a claim he denied and stated that he was a close friend, but their relationship was never intimate.

Legal Issues and Arrests

In 2019, Kory Allen Clemens was stopped by police officers on Bellaire-Boulevard Road and arrested for drunk driving. It was his first criminal offense; he was taken to court and was fined a charge of $2,000.

Social Media

Kory is active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he shares pictures of his family and personal details. However, it’s a private account; you must follow him to view his posts. His handle is @koryclemens24.