Kaya Gretsch, Daughter of American Actors Joel Gretsch and Melanie Shatner

Kaya Gretsch is an American citizen who has gained recognition because of her parents. Both of Kaya’s parents are in the limelight, owing to their acting careers. They have been in the industry since the 19s, and their exceptional work is still worth talking about.

Kaya Gretsch’s mother is Melanie Shatner, while her father is Joel James Gretsch. If young laddie’s biography seems like what would interest you, keep reading on this page. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Kaya Gretsch’s Biography

Kaya will be 21 by 2003, as she was born in 2002. She is the first child of her parents and has a younger sister named Willow Gretsch. Willow was born in 2005.

Kaya Gretsch plays the role of big sister to her little sister Willow. Moreover, the two children are lucky to have wonderful parents. Both Joel Gretsch and his wife Melanie are responsible parents, and this reflects on how their two daughters have always comported themselves in society.

Who is Kaya Gretsch’s Father?

American actor Joel James Gretsch was born on December 20, 1963. His performances in The 4400, Taken, and V are the most well-known. Gretsch is the son of Russ and Barb. He was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and raised in Albany, Minnesota. Jane is his sister, while Steve is his brother. They were brought up as devout Catholics.

Before relocating to Los Angeles in 1989, Gretsch studied acting at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. His stage credits include parts in John Patrick Shanley’s Danny, Deep Blue Sea, and Molière’s Tartuffe.

Who is Actress Melanie Gretsch?

Shatner was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 1, 1964. She is the youngest child of Gloria Rand and actor William Shatner.

Melanie Shatner is an American actress. She played Becky Morgan, Michelle Morgan’s sister, as the main role in the Subspecies film series. Other tv shows Shatner has appeared in are; William Shatner in Convert, His Bodyguard, Sisters, Pervasion of Science, and many others.

Kaya Gretsch’s Parents and Their Marriage

Kaya’s parents are another example of a successful marriage relationship. Actor Gretsch has been married to actress Melanie Shatner since September 5, 1999. They have two daughters: Kaya and Willow. The couple is living happily while enjoying the company of their two beautiful daughters.

Joel Gretsch’s Career

Early in the 1990s, Kaya Gretsch’s father began acting on television, appearing in episodes of Married… with Children, Melrose Place, Friends, and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. In a more recent episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, he played a wealthy advertising executive who is the spouse of a supermodel. Additionally, he had two cameo appearances as Dan Vasser’s father in NBC’s Journeyman.

Joel Gretsch costarred with Jacqueline McKenzie in the USA Network series The 4400 as Tom Baldwin. Also, he played Owen Crawford in Steven Spielberg’s science fiction drama, Taken 2002. With his version of V, Gretsch collaborated again with Scott Peters, the man of The 4400. Father Jack Landry, a priest and resistance soldier, was portrayed in the series by Gretsch.

In a more recent movie, Joel was a guest star in the final two episodes of the first season of the Diablo Cody-created Showtime comedy-drama.