Katherine Thorp Everett Daughter of Chad Everett

Katherine Thorp Everett is a renowned American actress, who is the daughter of Chad Everett. She was born on the 21st of June 1969, in Orlando, Oklahoma, USA. Currently 44 years old, she falls under the zodiac sign of Gemini and is of Caucasian ethnicity. Her only sibling is Shannon Everett, and her parents are Chad Everett and Shelby Grant. Katherine has followed in the footsteps of her late father, making her own mark in the entertainment industry as an accomplished actress.

Her Father, Chad Everett

Chad Everett was a beloved actor, best known for his television appearances in shows such as Emergency! And Medical Center. Born on 11 June 1936, in South Bend, Indiana, USA, he passed away on 24 July 2012 at the age of 76 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Chad Everett made his debut in television in 1958, when he appeared in an episode of the show Big Town. In the following years, he starred in several television movies, including Starting Over in 1979, The Martian Chronicles in 1980 and The Day After in 1983. From 1972 to 1977, was one of the main characters of the show Medical Center, where he played the role of Dr Joe Gannon. Subsequently, he acted in many other television shows and films, such as The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Love Boat, Hotel, and The Rousters. He also appeared in the popular show Emergency! (1972-1977) as firefighter paramedic Roy DeSoto. Chad Everett’s career was illustrious and he left behind a legacy of excellent performances.

Chad Everett was known for being a talented actor and was widely recognized for his impressive performances, making him a highly respected member of the entertainment industry. Throughout his lifetime, he was the proud recipient of numerous awards and nominations, such as a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Medical Center in 1973 and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor in the same category. He was also nominated for The Love Boat in 1981, and won the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. Additionally, in 2006, Everett was honored with an induction into the TV Land Awards Hall of Fame, showing just how highly regarded his work was.

Her Mother, Shelby Grant

Shelby Grant was a talented actress, who was known for her roles in Notre Homme Flint, L’homme à la Rolls, and Le Voyage fantastique. Born on October 19, 1936, in Orlando, Oklahoma, USA, she majored in Speech and Drama at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah. Before marrying Chad Everett in 1966, she was previously married to Daniel Eugene Smith from 1958 to 1964. Shelby had two daughters with Chad Everett, Katherine (born June 21, 1969) and Shannon (born August 4, 1971). In 1966, she was a Deb Star. Shelby Grant passed away on June 25, 2011, in Westlake Village, California, USA. Throughout her life, she made a positive impact by sponsoring heart surgeries for children through “The Gift of Life”, alongside her husband Chad Everett.