Jesse Lanier Cooper, Personal Life and Net Worth

Jesse Lanier Cooper was born prematurely. His mother is an American film and television actress, Marianne Leone, while his father is an American actor Chris Cooper. Chris and Marianne had the deceased Jesse Lanier as an only child. The couple once mentioned in a documentary that the little angel was the best thing that happened to them. They added that Jesse was fantastic even though he could not walk or speak. Jesse moved around using a wheelchair and could only communicate using a computer. Below are unknown facts about Jesse Lanier Cooper. Keep scrolling to read more.

Jesse Lanier Cooper’s Bio

Jesse Lanier Cooper was born in October 1987. His parents are both public figures working in the showbiz industry. His father, Chris Cooper, is an actor and musician, while his mother, Marianne Leone, works as a screenwriter, essayist, and actress.

Actress Marianne Leone was only six months into Jesse’s pregnancy when she gave birth. Due to the complications that happened during the delivery, Jesse was diagnosed with cerebral palsy just a week after his birth. As a result, the little buddy developed several health conditions that affected his bones and speech.

Jesse Lanier Cooper’s Education

Jesse’s parents Actor Chris Cooper and Actress Marianne Leone recounted their huddles trying to give the late Jesse the best education. They had to relocate to Kingston, Massachusetts in pursuit of an excellent school for children with special needs. Eventually, Jesse was accepted to a regular school. The school was Silver Lake Regional High School, where he became an Honor student. During an interview, Chris Cooper mentioned how hard they had battled to get Jesse into a regular school and how pleased he was with how well he was doing.

Jesse Lanier Cooper’s Parents?

As we mentioned earlier, Jesse’s parents are American celebrities prominent for their profession as entertainers. The couple met in 1979 in an acting class in New York. They became official in 1983 after a few years of courtship.

Marianne Leone, Jesse’s mother, is well-known for playing Christopher Moltisanti’s mother in the film The Sopranos. Also, she appeared in Brotherhood and Kate & Allie. About Marianne’s career as a writer, the Boston Globe has published several of her writings. Her script, Hurricane Mary, is based on a true story. She intends to turn the story into a film starring Chris Cooper, Meryl Streep, and William H. Macy.

As for Jesse’s father, Cooper Lanier, he has acted in a number of high-profile Hollywood movies, including Lovely Day in the Neighborhood, The Muppets, Seabiscuit, October Sky, and The Muppets. He won the Golden Globe Award for best-supporting actor in the 2002 movie Adaptation.

The Death of Jesse Lanier Cooper

On January 3, 2005, Jesse passed away as a result of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), an epilepsy complication. His parents established the Jesse Cooper Foundation as a memorial fund in his honour. Chris Cooper mentioned that losing his son gave him a better understanding of his roles, notably that of Phil Eastwood in Demolition.