Jayne Centre Klein Relationships, Family, & More

Jayne Centre Klein is the ex-wife of a famous designer named Calvin Klein. She is also known to the realm as Marci Klein’s mother. Marci is one of the most famous American television personalities. Without doing anything prominent Jayne has comprehended around the globe. This entire situation has arisen because of the media and the audience.

The article is put forward in front of the audience to circulate about Jayne Centre Klein. Additionally, brief segments will also be added about her husband and daughter.

Early Life And Family

Jayne Centre tied the knot with Calvin Klein in 1964. But later in 1974, the couple moved apart. They also have a daughter named Marci Klein who was born in 1967.

Excluding this nothing else can be figured out about Jayne Centre Klein. She caught the eyes of the onlookers after marrying Calvin Klein. After that Jayne never expressed how she spent her early days.


Jayne Centre is a textile designer and has been a part of this profession for a quite long time.

Jayne’s Husband And His Net Worth

Calvin Richard Klein is a fashion designer and the lessor of the clothing brand Calvin Klein Inc. He was born on 19th November 1942 in New York City, U.S. Calvin acquired his graduation degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In the initial days of his life, he used to work for several notable brands and companies in New York. Nonetheless, in 1968 with Barry K. Schwartz, Calvin Klein launched his first ever company. For his designs, he was facilitated by the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award in 1991.

After splitting with Jayne Centre in 1974, he remarried Kelly Rector in 1986 and moved apart in 2006. Moreover, Calvin was also in a love relationship with Nicholas Gruber, an ex-porn star.

According to sources, Calvin Klein has a net worth of around 700 million dollars.

Jayne’s Daughter And Her Net Worth

Marci Klein is a television producer from America. She was born on 21st October 1967. Marci was raised in New York City. Over there she completed her schooling and further studies. She went to the Dalton School, followed by Emerson College for graduation.

She is best known for her works like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Almost 14 times Marci has gained nominations for Emmys. However, she triumphed over it 4 times. At the Golden Globes, Alec Baldwin introduced Marci Klein as “the greatest producer in the history of broadcast television”.

In 2000 Marci Klein was married to Scott Murphy at the Wainscott Chapel in Wainscott, New York. The couple is enjoying their life with their two kids.

Marci Klein has an approximate net worth of 5 million dollars.

Jayne Centre Klein’s Net Worth

Despite knowing her mode of income it’s not possible to jot down any information about Jayne ┬áKlein’s net worth. So it’s better to avoid this particular subject about her.


The above segments of the article illustrate all about Jayne Centre Klein and who all acted as stimuli in making her famous. However, she is a supportive woman who has always been with her family. Nonetheless, to know more about such identities, keep scrolling through this website.