Jarrell Leonard: Everything About Sugar Ray Leonard’s Son

Ray Charles Leonard, aka Sugar Ray Leonard, is a legend in the American boxing industry. He is a former boxer, actor, and motivational speaker. In addition to his flourishing career, Sugar Ray is a father of four, including, Jarrell Leonard.

Many people recognize the boxer for his agility and finesse. Sugar Ray won 36 out of 40 of the professional matches he took part in. The boxer also has numerous accolades and titles that he achieved in the field.

Before Sugar Ray became a professional in boxing, he won a Gold Medal at an Olympic class in light-welterweight. Over the years, the athletic American boxer has been a winner in different categories of the sport.

The boxing matches are not the only ones that Charles won. If there were awards and titles for being a good parent, he would have those too. Let’s find out more about Jarrell Leonard and his father’s impact on his life.

Personal Details

Jarrell Leonard is the son of Sugar Ray Leonard. He is the youngest in the family from Sugar’s first marriage. Jarrell is yet to disclose details about his birthday and the place where he was born. He is probably in his early forties based on his looks.

Jarrell Leonard is the Son of Juanita Wilkinson. She was the first wife of Sugar Ray. They attended the same high school. That is how they met and started dating.

Juanita and Sugar Ray had their first son, Ray Jr when they were sixteen years old. They did not tie the knot until they were 23 years old. The couple exchanges their marital vows in 1980.

A few years into the marriage, the couple started having marital problems. By 1990, Sugar and Juanita has been separated for two years and were in the course of filing and processing their divorce. According to reports, Sugar has been accused with charges of assault by his wife. Part of the reason why they divorced was due to the boxer’s bad temper and adultery.

By the time the divorce was final, Jarrell Leonard was only seven years old. Soon after, Sugar Ray Leonard married another woman, Bernadette Robi. They tied the knot in 1993.

Bernadette is still the current wife of the former boxer. They were gifted with two kids. Their daughter’s name is Camille Leonard, while their son is Daniel Ray Leonard.


Jarrell Leonard is a very private person. He keeps his personal life away from the media. Whether he has a family of his own is unknown. We do not know if he is dating anyone or has kids either.

Career and Net Worth

Like his personal life, Jarrell Leonard maintains a low profile. There is no information about what he does for a living. He is yet to disclose information about his job and source of income. In the meantime, there is no way to approximate his net worth.

Final Thoughts

Jarrell Leonard maintains his life on the down low. We hope to see more of him on social media.