James Steven Hawke Complete Family Tree, Personal Life, & More

James Steven Hawke is the father of the American actor Ethan Hawke. He has achieved accomplishment and prominence around the globe because of his son. However, he can’t be with his son for a long time as James parted ways with Ethan’s mother. But James backed off to support his son.

The article is presented to illustrate James Steven Hawke. Along with him, a brief section will be adjoined about his son, Ethan Hawke, to strengthen his character.

Early Life And Family

James Steven Hawke is the son of Betty Virginia Hartsock and Frank Taylor Hawke. Apart from this, nothing more can be gathered about his previous life as neither James nor Ethan conveyed any enlightening knowledge about James’ early life.


James Steven Hawke used to serve as an insurance actuary.

James’ Son And His Net Worth

Ethan Green Hawke, recognized as Ethan Hawke, is a well-known actor and filmmaker from America. His parents were James and Leslie Hawke. However, his parents parted ways when Ethan was four years old.

For his primary education, Ethan joined Packer Collegiate Institute and later moved to Hun School of Princeton. Moreover, to pursue his acting career, he dropped college. In 1985 Ethan made his first appearance as an actor in Explorers. This movie doesn’t work best for him as neither the audience nor the analysts preferred it much. After a long gap, he again dared to showcase his acting abilities in the film Dead Poets Society in 1989. Nevertheless, the hard work of the entire movie cast paid off after Dead Poets Society won an Academy Award nomination and the BAFTA Award in the Best Film category.

In 1991 Ethan gained his first-ever leading character as the protagonist in White Fang as Jack Conroy. This movie has been adapted from a great novel. Later after his appearance in the romantic drama Before Sunrise in 1995, Ethan earned much appreciation and fondness.

After serving as an actor, Ethan shifted his interest in direction. His directed music video was “Stay (I Missed You).” He also stood up as a novelist in 1996 and presented a live story about a singer and an actor, “The Hottest State.” Nonetheless, the story has obtained combined judgments. He earned the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead for First Reformed. In recent years he directed a documentary, “The Last Movie Stars.”

Some of his notable work includes A Midnight Clear, White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf, Great Expectations, Snow Falling on Cedars, Assault on Precinct 13, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Woman in the Fifth, and many more.

Initially, Ethan was married to Uma Thurman, but they officially ended their courtship in 2005. Later he remarried Ryan Shawhughes in 2008.

According to sources, Ethan Hawke has an estimated net worth of 60 million dollars.

James’ Net Worth

James’ net worth can’t be calculated efficiently after gathering knowledge about his mode of income. That’s why it will be preferable to ignore this subject about James Steven Hawke.


The above sections must have cleared the idea of the audience about James Steven Hawke and his son. Apart from staying away from his son, he has always appreciated Ethan’s work as a supportive father.