The Life of Eva Barbara Fegelein: Her Family and Legacy

Eva Barbara Fegelein’s Childhood

Eva Barbara Fegelein was born on May 5, 1945, in Germany, to Hermann Fegelein and Gretl Braun. Her mother was the sister of Eva Braun, who was famously married to Adolf Hitler. Eva Barbara’s father was a high-ranking member of the SS and a close associate of Heinrich Himmler.


Eva Barbara’s parents, Hermann Fegelein and Gretl Braun, were married in 1944, during the height of World War II. Hermann was a commander in the Waffen-SS, and Gretl was the sister of Hitler’s mistress and later wife, Eva Braun. Hermann was known for his ruthless tactics, and he played a key role in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.


Eva Barbara’s maternal grandparents were Franziska Braun and Friedrich Braun. Her paternal grandparents were Hans Fegelein, but we don’t have any information about them.


Eva Barbara’s uncle was Waldemar Fegelein. He was a member of the Waffen-SS and served in the same unit as Hermann. He was captured by the Allies in 1945 and executed for war crimes.

Eva Barbara Fegelein’s Career and Achievements

Eva Barbara Fegelein’s life was cut short when she died on April 25, 1971, at the young age of 25. We don’t have any information about her career or achievements.

More About Eva Barbara Fegelein

Eva Barbara Fegelein’s family history is undoubtedly a complicated one, given the involvement of her father and uncle in the Nazi regime. Her mother, Gretl, was able to distance herself from the Nazi association after the war and lived the rest of her life in relative obscurity.

Despite the dark legacy of her family, it’s important to remember that Eva Barbara was an innocent victim of circumstance. She didn’t have a choice in the family she was born into or the actions of her father and uncle. Her story serves as a reminder of the devastating impact that war and conflict can have on innocent lives.