Eric Paul Engel, UNH Lecturer who committed Suicide

Eric Paul Engel was the 43 years old University of New Hampshire lecturer who killed himself. The lecturer was the main antagonist in the murder case of Aleksander Lenny, a man from Cory, Northern Carolina. This murder and suicide incident involving Paul gained publicity when the video was released by YouTube Animator media, Let Me Explain Studio. Continue reading on this page if you would like to know more about Eric Paul Engel, the wanted professor who committed suicide.

Biography of Eric Paul Engel

In 1971, Eric Paul Engel was born. We don’t know anything about his early years. He, however, has a reputation for being Rebecca’s communications lecturer for three years. Paul frequently engaged in a dispute with his students while lecturing, especially Rebecca.

Eric Paul Engel was the senior lecturer at the University of New Hampshire who killed himself in Florida after being sought for the murder of a man in North Carolina. The murder victim was a 74 old man, Aleksander “Lenny” Wysocki, who was shot and killed early on Friday in Cary, North Carolina. Wysocki’s body was discovered at 215 Trent Woods Way in a yard at 8:45 in the morning. He was transferred to Duke University Medical Center, where his death was confirmed.

Eric Paul Engel Committed Suicid in Florida

According to officials, Engel told a family member about how he shot Wysocki while working as a lecturer at UNH’s Department of Communication since the end of August. Also,  Engel was reportedly at Anglers Resort in Dunnellon on Friday night, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

In an attempt to apprehend Engel, the hotel was surrounded by SWAT personnel who called him to surrender. According to deputies, Engel did not come out and was later discovered dead from a gunshot wound.

What was Engel’s Personality at the University?

Engel was not loved by many in New Hemisphere because of his extreme distress, anger, and rigorous discipline with his students. Rebecca from Let Me Explain Studio, who was one of Engel’s students explained that they both caused problems with one another and were never on good terms.

Furthermore, Rebecca said Professor Eric Paul had an inflated ego and was always seeking input, but was also unable to accept criticism in any form, no matter how constructive it might be. She compared hearing him describe a task in class to hearing Tom Cruise discuss Scientology.

What was Eric Paul Engel’s Role in the video?

The video titled My Teacher Murdered Someone mostly focuses on Engel’s many flaws, such as his terrible teaching abilities, inability to interact with students, and generally lousy disposition. In summary, Paul Eric was the main antagonist. Also, the video emphasized the fact that he committed murder.