All About Comedian Nikki Glaser’s Father: Edward J. Glaser

Edward J. Glaser is the father of Nikki Glaser, an American actress, stand-up comedian, television host and podcaster. He is married to Julie E. Burke, with who he has two daughters, Lauren and Nikki Glaser. Edward is a loving dad, and he gained media attention for being the father of Nikki.

Despite his daughter’s fame, Edward J. Glaser has stayed off the spotlight and is leading a private life. Many details about his life are unknown, but what is known for sure is that he took great care of his two daughters and ensured they got the best education. Besides, he has always supported his daughter Nikki in her ambitions.

His Daughter

Edward’s daughter started stand-up comedy in her first year in college; she drew her motivation from comedian Sarah Silverman. Nikki did not know to tell her jokes, but she knew some of her favourite stand-up comedians. She started writing her comedy content and often appeared as a comedian on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, among other shows.

After making her stand-up comedy debut, Edward’s daughter appeared in several other shows, including Last Comic Standing and Its On with Alexa Chung. For three years, Edward’s daughter and Sara Schaefer hosted the podcast; You Had To Be There. Nikki Glaser has also been in other podcasts, but she now hosts her podcast called Nikki Glaser Podcast.

On television, Nikki has appeared as a host, panellist, actress, and guest. In 2013, she co-hosted a late-night show called Nikki & Sara Live with Sara Schaefer, which was cancelled after nine months. In the same year, Edward’s daughter also appeared in one episode of the sitcom Those Who Can’t.

Edward’s daughter hosted a sex-themed talk show called Not Safe with Nikki Glaser, but it was cancelled barely a year later. Nikki partnered with Gleb Savchenko in the dance competition series Dancing with the Stars, but they were eliminated. Edward’s daughter has been hosting Blind Date since 2019.

Edward’s daughter is still active in the entertainment industry and often appears at Comedy Central, among other television shows. Besides, she still has her podcast.

Is Edward’s Daughter Married?

Edward Glaser’s daughter is not married but was in a romantic relationship with Chris Convoy, her Not Safe with Nikki Glaser co-creator. However, it is unclear if the two lovebirds are still together, though there have never been any rumours that they have separated. Edward’s daughter has also not mentioned if she has any children.

What is the Net Worth of Edward’s Daughter

Nikki Glaser has made good fortune through her career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian. Besides, she makes some money from her social media platforms through endorsements. Edward’s daughter’s net worth is approximately 2 million dollars.

His Daughter’s Social Media Presence

Edward Glaser’s daughter is active on all social media platforms. She uses the platforms to share her comedy. Nikki Glaser has a large following on Instagram; she is also on YouTube, entertaining her fans with her content.