Everett Floyd Abrams: Everything About Don Abrams’ Son

Dan Abrams is a prominent American personality. He is best recognized as a TV host and investor. Born and raised in Manhattan, the media personality is also an author and legal commentator.

At the moment, Abrams is a TV show host on Prime-Time Show Dan Abrams Live. The TV show airs on NewsNation and the Dan Abrams show: Where Politics Meets the Law. His work also involves regular contributions to ABC News.

The American media entrepreneur does not only have a successful career. His personal life is also dazzling with bliss. He is a family man and a dad. Abrams is the father of Everett Floyd Abrams. The ABC analyst shares the child with his long-term girlfriend, Florinka Pesenti.

Personal Life

Everett Floyd Abrams was born in June 2012. The family keeps the specific date and place secret from the public. He is almost eleven years old as of 2023.

The celebrity kid is the first child of the American Journalist and his girlfriend. Everett’s mother is Florinka Pesenti. The couple has been together for over fourteen years.

Everett has been seen in public together with his dad on numerous occasions. The New York Times shared a picture of the father-son duo on their website a few years ago when he was three years old. They were together with Florinka who was walking beside them along a sidewalk.


Everett Floyd Abrams became a big brother about two years ago. His little sister, Emilia Abrams was born on the 18th of February 2021. She is two years old. The parents of Everett and Emilia posts photos of their small family now and then. Based on their posts on social media, it seems like the family is happy and content together.


Abrams is an American media mogul and TV host. He also comments on legal matters now and then. The journalist also broadcasts on Live PD, A, and E cable networks and he is an anchor for Court Cam, a law and crime program on TV.

Abrams has worked numerous jobs since he graduated from Duke University in 1988.

Since graduating, Florinka has worked in the clothing and fashion industry. Once she won The Amazing Race and achieved the highest season average, her career took off.

The celebrity partner is also well renowned for her abilities in public relations, event planning, advertising, and luxurious lifestyle and goods.


Dan Abrams and Florinka Pesenti as quite strict about their family. They do not reveal personal information to the media. Thus, while it is reasonable to assume that Everett Floyd is studying, there is no information about his education level. Net Worth

Similarly, Everett the little boy is still in school. He does not have a career just yet. At his current age and without a career, Everett Floyd does not have a net worth.

On the other hand, he has very successful parents. His father has a net worth of 25 million dollars. His mother, Florinka Pesenti is worth approximately one million dollars.

Everett Floyd Abrams is a child who spends most of his time with family and in school. The parents are cautious about what they reveal to the media about his life. Thus, we are yet to discover more as he grows up.