Dimitri Alexander Hamlin: A Life of Sports and Animal Rescue

Dimitri Alexander Hamlin’s Early Experiences

Dimitri Alexander Hamlin was born on May 19, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, to Harry Hamlin and Ursula Andress. From a young age, Dimitri was exposed to the entertainment industry through his father’s career as an actor.

Growing up, Dimitri attended local schools and developed a love for sports, particularly soccer. He played on his high school’s soccer team and was known for his skills on the field.


Harry Hamlin is an accomplished actor, known for his roles in movies like “Clash of the Titans” and TV shows like “Mad Men.” He has been married three times and has three children, including Dimitri.

Ursula Andress is a former actress best known for her role as Honey Ryder in the James Bond film “Dr. No.” She was married to John Derek and had one child, Dimitri, with him.


Dimitri has two sisters, Delilah Belle Hamlin and Amelia Gray Hamlin. Delilah is a model and has appeared in numerous fashion campaigns, while Amelia is also a model and has appeared on the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alongside her mother, Lisa Rinna.

Dimitri Alexander Hamlin’s Career And Interests

Dimitri has largely stayed out of the public eye and has not pursued a career in the entertainment industry like his father and sisters. However, he has been known to be interested in sports, particularly soccer, and has played on several local teams.

In addition to his love for sports, Dimitri is also an animal lover and has been involved in animal rescue efforts. He has worked with organizations like the Best Friends Animal Society to help save and care for animals in need.

More About Dimitri Alexander Hamlin

While Dimitri may not have pursued a career in the entertainment industry like his family members, he has still made a name for himself through his love for sports and animal rescue work. He is a beloved member of the Hamlin family and is known for his kind heart and gentle spirit.

Despite his family’s fame and success, Dimitri has chosen to live a more private life, away from the spotlight. He has instead focused on his passions and interests, and has made a positive impact on the world through his involvement in animal rescue efforts.

As Dimitri continues to live his life on his own terms, he will always be supported and loved by his family, who are proud of his accomplishments and the person he has become.