All About Eric Scott’s Third Wife: Cynthia Ullman Wolfen

Cynthia Ullman Wolfen came into the limelight when she married actor Eric Scott. Cynthia and Eric met while in a grief counseling session; they started dating, and in March 2000, they decided to tie the knot. In their marriage, they have two children, a son called Jeremy and an older daughter named Emma.

Her children are all ground-ups, and Eric likes posting them on Facebook on their birthdays or when they are out together.

Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, it is unclear who Cynthia was grieving when she met Eric at a counseling center. It is probably a loved one who she was intimate with or a family member. Given the vagueness of her past, it is hard to say how many romantic relations she has been in or how many times she has been married.

However, since their marriage in 2000, the couple has been doing well, with the presence of children making their union more robust.

Her Husband’s Love Life

When Cynthia Ullman Wolfen met Eric Scott, it was not his first marriage since he had been married twice before. He married actress Karey Louis, but their union did not last, as they separated after a few months. After his first marriage ended in divorce, Eric decided to give love another chance.

Cynthia’s husband met Theresa Fargo in the late 1980s, marrying her in 1989. After living together for two years, Theresa became pregnant and gave birth to Eric’s firstborn child. Unfortunately, she died of acute myelomonocytic leukemia two days after giving birth to Ashley; the condition developed when she was pregnant.

After the death of his second wife, Eric remained single while raising his daughter until he met Cynthia Ullman Wolfen.

Her Husband’s Career

Eric Scott started acting in 1971, making his debut in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. However, he was spotlighted for portraying Ben Walton in the family drama series The Waltons. His other film and television credits include Family Feud, The Fall Guy, Defying Gravity, The Loch Ness Hour, Bewitched, Which Mother is Mine? and Medical Center.

Cynthia’s husband stopped acting in 2011 to focus on his family and at least spend some time with them. Besides, he started his own parcel delivery company called Chase Messengers, where he serves as the vice president. Since he quit acting, Cynthia’s husband has not shown signs of coming back soon.

Net Worth

Cynthia Ullman Wolfen might be working in the private sector, but she has not confirmed what she does to earn a living. So it is not easy to determine her net worth, but given her husband’s success in business and during his acting career, she must be living a good life. Some sources quote that Cynthia’s husband has a net worth of 19 million dollars, a fortune he has made through business and acting.

Social Media

Cynthia Ullman Wolfen is not active on social media platforms. She has no official accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. On the other hand, her husband is active on social media, particularly on Facebook, where he likes posting pictures of his extended family and friends.