Crystianna Marie Peters Birth Details, Family, & More

Crystianna Marie Peters is the celebrity daughter of comedian Russell Peters and his ex-wife Monica Diaz. Crystianna Marie, the firstborn of Russell Dominic Peters, opened her beautiful eyes for the first time on December 14, 2010, in LA. Crystianna has already made a name for herself and is gaining popularity in the entertainment industry even though she is only 12 years old.

Parents of Crystianna Marie Peters

Russell Peters, Crystianna’s father, is a world-renowned comedian. R. Peters has been entertaining audiences for over two decades and is known for his unique brand of comedy. Despite his celebrity, Russell has always kept his personal life private. Peters has always been extremely protective of his daughter and prioritized her well-being.

Crystianna’s mother, Monica Diaz, is a former hairstylist and makeup artist. Diaz has been very supportive of her daughter’s interest in dance and has frequently shared videos of her performances on social media. Monica is also active in philanthropic activities and has supported several charitable organizations.

Family Life of Crystianna M. Peters

Crystianna’s grandparents, Eric and Maureen, from her dad’s side were immigrants from India and she has Anglo-Indian ancestry with Marathi (Indians belonging from Maharashtra, India) and Bengali (Indians belonging from West Bengal, India) roots. Crystianna’s parents walk down the aisle on August 20, 2010, in a small and closed ceremony with only 20 attendees in Vegas’s “A Little White Wedding Chapel.”

The divorce of Crystianna’s parents was difficult for the family, but they have managed to maintain a healthy relationship for the sake of their daughter. Crystianna’s parents have both been actively involved in her upbringing and have always prioritized her needs.

Crystianna Peters’s Social Media Presence

Crystianna’s parents have been fiercely protective of their daughter’s privacy and have kept her out of the spotlight. Crystianna, on the other hand, has recently begun to make more appearances on her parents’ social media platforms, providing fans with a glimpse of her talent and personality.

Interesting Facts About C. Marie Peters

Crystianna has a strong interest in dance and has participated in it since she was a child. The second youngest Peters began dancing at the age of three and has progressed to become a skilled dancer. Crystianna dances in the hip-hop style and has won numerous awards for her performances in various dance competitions.

Crystianna Marie is also a talented singer in addition to her love of dancing. C. Peters has a lovely voice and frequently shares her singing performances on social media. Crystianna’s passion for music is palpable, and it’s no surprise that she’s expressed a desire to work in the music industry.

Crystianna Marie’s Charity Works

Crystianna is passionate about social issues and has participated in numerous philanthropic endeavours. C. Marie Peters has volunteered for numerous charitable organizations, including The Ronald McDonald House, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and many others. Crystianna’s desire to have a positive impact on society is admirable, and it is inspiring to see such a young person actively involved in community service.


To summarize, Crystianna Marie Peters is a talented and inspiring young woman who is making her mark in the entertainment industry. Crystianna’s love of dance and music, combined with her desire to make a difference in society, exemplifies her character and determination. C. M. Peters has a bright future ahead of her thanks to her parents’ support and natural talent.