Beckham Hoover, Son of American Author Colleen Hoover

Where are the romance story lovers? Hurray! We shall be discussing one of your favorite authors in today’s post. Colleen Hoover has written quite a number of young adult fiction genres. Her most notable work titled It Ends With Us was published by her in 2016. Many of Hoover’s works were self-published until she recently started using a publishing house.

Someone very dear to Colleen Hoover and who has been a focus on social media is Beckham Hoover. He is one of the three children whom Colleen had with her husband, Heath Hoover. If you would like to learn about the young man, keep scrolling to the end of this post.

Beckham Hoover’s Biography

Beckham is the son of an American author and publisher, Colleen Hoover, and her husband Heath Hoover. He has two siblings namely Cale Hoover and Levi Hoover. Beckham’s parents have been together for more than decades. They married in 2000.

Early and Personal Life of Beckham Hoover’s Mother

On December 11, 1979, Collen Hoover was born to her parents, Vannoy Fite and Eddie Fennell, in Sulphur Springs, Texas. She attended Saltillo High School in Saltillo, Texas, where she was raised and was a 1998 graduate. With a social work degree, Hoover graduated from Texas A&M-Commerce. Before beginning her career as an author, she held many teaching and social work positions.

Colleen Hoover’s Career

Hoover started writing Slammed, her debut book, in November 2011 without any plans to have it published. She was moved by the Avett Brothers’ song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise,” which has the line “decide what to be and go be it,” and she included Avett Brothers’ lyrics throughout the narrative.

In January 2012, Hoover self-published Slammed. According to her, she made the book available so that her mother, who had recently purchased an Amazon Kindle, could read it. Point of Retreat, the sequel, was released in February 2012. Once Slammed received a review and five stars from book blogger Maryse Black after a few months, sales of Hoover’s first two books immediately took off. In August of that year, Slammed and Point of Retreat were #8 and #18, respectively, on the New York Times Best Seller list. On August 10, 2012, Atria Books acquired the books and reissued them. This Girl, the third book in the series, was released in April 2013. With the success of Slammed, Hoover left her position as a social worker to pursue writing full-time.

Hoover has sold more than 20 million books as of October 2022. In 2022, Alexandra Alter of The New York Times wrote about Hoover’s success in particular, saying, “To say she’s currently the best-selling novelist in the United States, to even compare her to other successful authors who have landed several books on the best seller lists, fails to capture the loyalty and size of her audience.