Everything There is to Know About Andrea Claire Barnes

Andrea Claire Barnes is famous thanks to her husband, Lee Norris, an American actor known for his role in Boy Meets World and its spin-off series Girl Meets World. She was born on November 30, 1983, in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

Education and Career

Andrea Claire Barnes has not been generous and open to mention the high school and colleges she attended, but she must have attended good schools. Regarding her career, not much is known about what she does to earn a living since she is just known as the wife of Lee Norris, an actor.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about Andrea Claire Barnes’s romantic history before meeting Lee Norris. But when she met him, she knew he was the right man for her; they started dating soon afterward and married in a beautiful ceremony on September 10, 2011.

They were in a cheerful mood at the wedding, and t was an excellent thing for them to get married to the love of their life. Close friends and family members attended the wedding ceremony. The couple, who have been together now for more than years, have one child together, and they seem to be happy in their marriage with no rumors of divorce.

Andrea Claire Barnes and her husband are a happy couple, but they don’t like publicizing their romantic life.

Her Husband’s Acting Career

Andrea Claire Barnes’s husband started acting in 1991 as a child actor. He secured his first acting role on The Torkelsons, portraying Chuckie Lee Torkelson. Lee’s other acting role before landing a significant role came in 1993 when he appeared in one episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

Andrea Claire’s husband had a leading role in the show Boy Meets World, where he portrayed Stuart Minkus. However, from season 5, he started making guest appearances. He also reprised the role in a spin-off series of the show Girl Meets World. His other television shows include The Walking Dead, One Tree Hill, October Road, American Gothic, A Mother’s Instinct, and Hope.

Lee Norris did not appear in many films, just a few; these include, A Step Toward Tomorrow, Surf School, Blood Done Sign My Name, GreyHound, Gone Girl, Zodiac, and The Journey of August King.

What is the Net Worth of Her Husband?

Despite not appearing in so many films and television shows, Andrea Claire’s husband has appeared in enough shows to generate money to feed his wife and son. However, her husband is young and will feature in more future television shows and films. Lee Norris has a net worth of three hundred thousand dollars.

Social Media

Andrea Claire Barnes is very reserved and does not like media attention and presence. She is not active on any social media. On the other hand, even though her husband has an Instagram account, it is not active, given he has not posted even once. He is also on Twitter and Facebook but is not as active.