MORGAW Saddle Adjust APP


The correct bicycle saddle setup is important for achieving comfort & performance.

However, most riders focus more on saddle shape; while they forget about the significance of correct saddle tilt & setback setup. Every saddle setup is individual and it depends on rider’s body structure, their lower pelvis and riding preferences, hence it’s difficult to recommend what someone’s ideal saddle setup should be. “The only possible advice is to find out through trial and error”.

We should make observations about saddle tilt & setback, whether the saddle “feels” good to us when it’s placed in a horizontal position or pointing slightly upwards or downwards and whether it’s providing sufficient support. Trying new saddle positions and getting back to the original settings is demanding and it has always required specialized tools & equipment.

Therefore MORGAW® has developed a new App called “Saddle Adjust” which is created for all riders to help them to explore their real saddle’s possibilities & find the ideal position. The MORGAW® Saddle Adjust App is a handy tool for accurate bicycle saddle position measurements. It stores preferred saddle set up data for saddle tilt & setback. The App allows you to memorize 3 different saddles angle setups, and then simply take & save pictures of the saddle and its setback. Changing & trying a new saddle is now hassle free. Using the saved data, you can retrieve your favorite angles and positions by accessing your smart device App.